Thursday, July 2, 2009

A closer look at ALP policy (sorry)

This is gross. Click at your own risk.

No matter what, you can't polish it... you might be able to pretty it up a bit, disguise it a little, but the stink is still there....


Mehaul said...

I wasn't prepared for that. I couldn't even project a Krudd image onto it. The sparkles on top softened the blow. But this a first for a blog?? Could it be sold off as a Gatton boeuf bleu avec Laidley sprinkles.

kae said...

That's why I linked to it rather than just confront you with it.

It's gross!

I think the "hundreds and thousands" or are they called "dollar-fives"? are rather appropriate! They're not deep enough to show the real image... policy is covered up by moolah hand outs...

Sometime someone's gotta smell it, ALP voters, please!

Anyway, the seat you mention is help by a National bloke, part of the LNP.

Pogria said...

Hey Kae,
Dash had a brilliant idea when I showed him the pic.

He said you should show a two year old eating it, captioned, "it doesn't matter who's policy it is, it's still us, who has to swallow it".

Excuse the bad grammar.

Terrific find Kae.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Wow, a Sharan Burrows class photo.

Wand said...

For a good laugh about Labour policies (UK Style), have a read of this, then read the comments section.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Eveningt Wand, nice link, that is some seriously pissed people. I liked this line from a poster

"The sooner you incompetant authoritarian wannabe Stalinists are out on your collective ears the better."

UK politicians would make a pile of horse pucky smell like a rose garden & Liarbor in Oz isn't far behind.

kae said...

Oh! A party. I love parties.

It's just that I have bills up the wazoo and it's just going to deplete the already melting credit card.

I will come down later this year... can youse hold that thought?

MMMmmmmmm people cookin' for me, some grog, good company...


Now I am REALLY disappointed!

But truly, it's money and time. I just finished exam upload at the last minute; my friends are in Canberra from 6 to 14th, I want to visit lots of friends in or near Sydney (and Canberra), and I just don't want to be rushing and not spending enough time with people I want to spend time with because I have to rush back up here after two weeks. Then there's the dogs. 'Cos Floyd's a climber I have to put them in the kennel, he can't be tied up all the time and I can't expect my dog feeders to clean up his crap, too. And they all need boosters for their vaccinations, they only have C3, kennel requires C5 (WTF?). And... and.... and...

Gee, thanks everyone!

kae said...

And to top it all off, my fire gauntlets have a hole in them (welding gloves), and I picked up a piece of wood and it slipped (without the gloves), and ripped the flesh on my finger which was already cracked.

Sux to that!

kae said...

Oh Wand, just reading those comments about the ID cards...

Fuxache! Check this one out:

02 Jul 09, 4:16pm

ID cards are a good idea.

The problem in Britain is that the ID card scheme has become confused with the Labour government, and Tony Blair's legacy, and therefore faces a near-impossible task in getting a reasoned examination.

So we get all these helpful comments like "Shove it" from barryanderic. Or, a little higher up "Leave us alone will ye ?".

Still: I think it's probably a good idea to make it voluntary.
The sad thing is all those raging incoherently against ID cards will, I think, find themselves obliged to pay for one in the long term.

They'll be queuing up to buy them, effing and blinding as they go, when they find they can't function as a normal citizen without demonstrating their ID.

But don't worry:
Most of the rest of the world has been through this.
None has revoked the ID card scheme once in place.

So unless the rest of the world is incompetent - that does suggest the scheme has some uses.

Please name the countries which have introduced ID cards and after their introduction they've never been revoked...
Now, have a think about it...
A long think.
Were they not revoked because they were such a good idea for the people, or was it because tey were such a great idea for the government to keep track of everyone and shackle them....




Pogria said...

Nevermind, I have nine ducks in the freezer and the sheep will be in there by the time you do get down here.

Why the bloody hell do you use welding gauntlets for the fire? The three of us just use a pair of generic leather gloves I buy at the hardware. They work pretty well for us.

Hi Wand, how are you???

Carpe Jugulum said...

Pogria,, a friend of mine does a roast duck in his webber you would die for. They are wild duck too which makes them even tastier. He's a landscaper at Flinders (Vic) & pots a few for his clients as well, everybody wins.

Carpe Jugulum said...


ditch the welding gloves & get riggers gloves instead. Soft leather, lasts for ages & a pack of 10 pair from your local safety store is around $50, a bargain.

kae said...

I burn my arms on the fire.
I get splinters from the wood.
I curl my arm up and carry a few pieces at once, I need the leather welding gloves to protect me.

Wand said...

Hi Pogria,

I'm fine thanks - been so so busy with my work over the past year. Actually off on a break soon - overseas - cruise and stuff so that will be fun. I've hardly had time to think about it.

And Kae, have you tried getting a basket to use to carry the wood? That's what I do - then it is just avoiding the odd splinter.

PS - didn't realise there was a party here.

kae said...

Hi Wand
There's a basket beside the fire, but it's too heavy to move/lift with wood in it. I have a slow combustion fire and the wood is ironbark cut in big chunks to last hours - I can only carry about two big bits or three smaller ones in the crook of my left arm (and I pay for it with a sore shoulder). I have a wood box in the house, a cube with wheels on the bottom which I fill up with wood at the door to move it from the door to the fire. It's just getting it from the wood pile to the door - for that I use a two wheeled barrow. It's just that sometimes I only need a couple of bits of wood.

Pogria said...

Hi Wand,
enjoy your cruise. It's too bad we can't organise another photo shoot like last years'. That was fun.

Hey Jug,
mine are Muscovies I breed myself. Very tasty!

stop whingeing! ;-)

kae said...


I hope your ducks turn to emus and...

you can't catch the bastards!

nar nar!

Pogria said...

nyah, nyah!!

That's what guns are for Kae!!!!

I'm going to cough into an envelope and send it to you. I have a dreadful cold and I want to share. Seein' as we're friends an' all that.