Thursday, July 2, 2009

Globetrotter SMSd me...

Well, Mum's overseas again, spending her kids inheritance - I just don't understand how she can leave us here; surely she misses us too much to go away?

First there's a bit of sight-seeing. Then there's some speleo conference. Then some more sight-seeing.

The SMS said "Do you want some perfume I found X for X dollars... we are choppering the Grand Canyon thisafternoon."


I had a fire alarm.


Carpe Jugulum said... could be could be me. :)

kae said...

Carpie, I don't get it.

You? Worse? Huh?

Oh shit. I just saw your avatar again.

That's some scary smiley face!

Carpe Jugulum said...

It's a happy face...endearing, yet warm & friendly, a great comfort.

No...sorry, was petting the cat, i take that back.

kae said...

Dunno, that avatar looks like a devourer of cats!

And slow children!

Pogria said...

You know Kae, you could take a leaf out of your mum's book, and throw caution to the winds.

You could have come down here to Sydney regardless of the Global Economic Squeeze.

I was planning on having BOAB making pizza for the two of us on MY SECRET PIZZA BASE.

MarkL was going to provide the booze.


Jughead, do you live in Sydney???