Thursday, July 2, 2009

Get another job

THREE Sydney hotel housekeepers have become the first workers to apply for improved wages and condition at the new industrial relations umpire, Fair Work Australia.

The trio, who each clear a base $500 a week on a pay rate of $14.31 an hour, lodged an application yesterday aimed at forcing their employers to negotiate collectively with their union.

In the dying days of Work Choices, a number of luxury hotels have been trying to convince their staff to sign non-union agreements.

A majority of workers in 15 large hotels, including the Marriott, Sheraton and Hilton, appointed the Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union as their bargaining agent to seek a collective agreement under the new Fair Work Act, which came into effect yesterday.

Nada Limontova, 48, who has worked at the Sofitel Hotel Wentworth in Sydney for 15 years as a housekeeper, said that after working for five days at the physically demanding job "I am half dead".

"The job is so, so hard. When we can't finish all the rooms in time, the management are always asking questions: why you leave that room?

"It is such a difficult situation. It is very terrible. How do we live in Sydney on such bad money? God knows. We are struggling, struggling, like the majority of people in Australia now. They try to survive.

"I feel physically exhausted; I work so hard for so little money."
Nada, there's a reason why you get paid so little. If you are exhausted after working in your job all week, how about you try getting a cushy job in an office which pays more.

You'll still be exhausted at the end of the week.

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Carpe Jugulum said...

These sort of things completely outrage me. This individual thinks being a cleaner in a hotel is physically demanding?...FFS.

I read this in the Oz this morning, she also wants her employer to feed her as well. Jeez what next, chauffer driven to work, hot & cold running women.

It's a MINIMUM wage job that has NO SKILLS base FFS..... AAAAARRRRRGGGHHH.

Thanks, i feel better now, sorry bout that

Mehaul said...

But Carpe it's all about their dignity. Their rights as human beings to be equal with all. Comrade Julia is overseeing such introductions of Labor magnanimity, such is her calling.

Unfortunately, you and I are paying for this equalnessnessness.

Pogria said...

Perhaps the lazy twat should get a job as a hospital cleaner.

Seems like easy money.

Steve at the Pub said...

Come on Carpe! Making up rooms is every bit as hard a work as she says it is.

6 motel rooms is sufficent for one person to lose weight. (if they are made up properly)

Housemaid work, for a post-middle aged woman, is physically demanding, eased only by experience & regularity.

$14.31 in Sydney CBD is mind boggling to me, having not paid below $20 per hour to housmaids for several years.

I do not agree with their case, as it isn't made for the right reasons. But I am forced by the Qld award to pay $20 per hour, (and I feed and house them) thus am envious that NSW is getting away with only $14

The job isn't as easy as it may look to the layman. I know, coz I do it regularly myself, to keep my hand in.