Sunday, July 5, 2009

Holiday Blargle


I'm holidays. Only for two weeks 'cos I have to be back for O week. I can't afford to go away, I've got a raft of bills due and the holiday away would just max out the credit card... besides, having to be back for O week means that if I visited all the people I wanted to see down south I'd have to rush everywhere, and it's just not relaxing having to be here or there in a time frame - to me that's not a holiday. I really like people and spending time with friends is important, I don't have to be entertained by visiting places or sightseeing (except in Canberra I wanted to spend a day or so at the Australian War Memorial), just the time with friends is enough.

Besides, it's bloody cold down there this time of year! I've had to buy warm clothes now I'm working locally 'cos I'm feeling the cold. (It was 3 degrees thismorning, but I was snug as a bug under my doona!)

I will go south later in the year... when it's warmer perhaps? And when there are no events or deadlines which I have to be back for.

Today I spent some time with MDFD. We hit the shops. I spent a small fortune. I bought a Nintendo DS Lite with a brain game, the chap in J&B gave me a good deal. I found my new every-day dinner set in Target for 25% off (I buy two to make place settings for 8, each set was only $30). New underwear (support-type), some sox (I've realised that my ankles swell during the day and the sox I have that are good are too tight around my ankles, I end up with divots in the skin around my ankles which cut off my circulation!).


Anonymous said...

I bought a Nintendo DS Lite?

kae said...

Well, if you don't know, I can't tell you.

1735099 said...

Go North. I'm sitting in the main street of Herberton in brilliant sunshine, wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

kae said...

Well, funny you should mention it, but the mate I was going to surprise in Canberra is from Mackay... Now's the time of year to go north, not too humid.

I'll admit to being a little jealous.

Just a little.

WV: clattl

talkative tourists?

(when I used to go caving we used to call tourists "Yaks", 'cos they'd just follow the one in front along the beaten track)