Sunday, July 5, 2009

Arbib nailed to the spot by Uhlmann

Check out Insiders.

Arbib is creating a vortex talking about the big spending by the ALP on stimulus as oppposed to Uhlmann's pointed description of this spending as pork barrelling, with $3.7M spent on signs, and the profligate waste of so many of the projects.

Your Shout?
Another group of interviewees having a love-in for the ALP.
Do they ever find anyone who doesn't like the ALP?

Bill Leak on "Talking Pictures" NOW! Go to BLeak's Gallery at The Australian, look at cartoon No. 405. Bruno & Kevin on Rove, it's a chuckle.


Mehaul said...

Arbib's a little gutter dog who likes to snap at Liberals when he's sharing interviews with them.

When he is all alone and has to convince others he knows what he's talking about, he comes over as another wound up Labor doll, sprouting whatever has been loaded onto his tape machine. Most underimpressed.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Saw the cartoon - media tarts, how apt.

I think Mehaul covered anything i could have said about Arbib, except the point that he is an oportunistic grub and an embarrassment to his constituents.

Skeeter said...

Uhlmann provides a rare breath of balance on the ABC. The fact that he is standing in for Barrie on Insiders is a sign that he has some clout at the sheltered workshop.
Let's hope he doesn't get downed by the comrades.

WV: pithed
Sober as a judge, actually.

kae said...

Welcome back, Skeeter.

I trust the southern climate change refugees are safely on their way home.

WV: disdar
well, disdair facta damatta is dat dere's no such thing as climate change!