Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Face plant

That's what my friend called it when I described my spectacular fall whilst being towed by the Birthday Dog.

Don't be silly friend, I didn't bump my nose.

She replied "Must be the permanent airbags."

And began to laugh outrageously.

Here's the Birthday Floyd... he looks a bit evil in this one.

Floyd 4/8/09



Photobucket In the next two he's jumping up, his favourite trick.


Floyd 4/8/09

Cute advert, very clever...


kc said...

Better lookin' by the day.

Is this his BIRTH day, or is it one year since you fell for him and brought him home?

Not that it matters, I'm just curious. Give him a big smooch from me, anyway!

kae said...

Floyd was born on 1/8/08 - I fell for him in October that year.

kc said...

That's right - he came home with you about the time my Pixie turned one year old. We're both pretty lucky to have 'em, I'd say.

And I don't think Floyd looks the least bit evil! ;-)