Monday, August 3, 2009

Hudson River Plane Ditch on 7 now

I'm watching it, and it's just an amazing landing.

A perfect water landing.

No cartwheel, the angle was perfect.

I know it's Sully's job, but by gees, he did a damn fine one!


Anonymous said...

When things like this and the British Airways jumbo over Sumatra with the volcano ash happen, I get really pissed off with Bob Hawke and his "they're only glorified bus drivers" quote during the pilot's strike. I am exceedingly happy for them to be bus drivers most of the time, and grateful for their training when things go to shit in a hurry.


Skeeter said...

At the time of the pilots' dispute, wharfies were being paid more than airline pilots. But Hawke held thewharfies' union in high regard. The pilots' union had refused to be part of the TWU, so could expect no support from Hawke.
Hawke's "glorified bus drivers" statement disgruntled some bus drivers. One claimed in the newspapers that he should be paid the same as airline pilots because his job entailed similar responsibilities.
A 747 pilot responded by offering to swap jobs with the bus driver for a while and see who could sell the most rides.

kc said...

We seldom hear about them because THEY DO THE DAMN JOB THEY'RE TRAINED AND PAID TO DO, and incidents such as this are few and far between...therefore, "news."

Glad Sully got the chance to remind me again that what my dad said is true - any landing you walk (or swim, I suppose) away from is a good landing.