Thursday, August 20, 2009

Floyd does it again...

Just opened the back door and didn't turn the light on to say goodnight to Floyd....

As soon as the door was open this little rocket of sticky grass seeded fur on four legs belted past me and into the house.


He got off his rope! How did he get the dogclip undone? Where is his name tag?

He is COVERED in yucky sticky grass seeds.

I have to go to bed... how can I unstick the grass seeds? I hope that dogwash will get them off.

He's OK, though. Still smiling...

As an aside, thisevening when I fed Bundy and Meggie, Meggie decided that she wanted Bundy's food after gobbling down hers. She must have tried to get his food and he must have snapped at her... she attacked him and had him down on his back and was after his neck and really serious, not a little spat this.

Meggie has never been an affectionate dog. Never much liked being touched or patted, very timid with people and doesn't like other dogs at all. She used to love sitting on my lap, but hated being touched.

I don't want her hurting old Bundy (who is blind and deaf), and I am wondering if I need to do something about her, too. She's not fussed on Floyd, either.

I'm going to speak with some behaviour people tomorrow about what she did and see what they think.


Zardoz said...

Like all dogs, Meggie's little pea-brain is 99% dog and 1% cat. You just happened to witness that little bit of cat behavior that usually goes unnoticed.

Cats aren't pets, they're God's way of letting us know that we're not at the top of the food chain.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Ok, Floyd 2 - Kae 0

I salute you Floyd the wonder dog


kae said...

Zardoz, I think that Meggie is a dog of little brain, in fact possibly no brain at all.

Floyd, on the other hand... I still can't figure out how he got off!

Lucky you don't live near me, you might get a flaming paper bag at your front door, Lord knows, Floyd produces enough "filling" for lots of flaming paper bags...

And it's 3/0... oops, shoulda kept my mouth shut, huh?

Probably more than 3 when I think about the Halti and a stack of other stuff he has done...

The trainer said I shouldn't let him get away with anything because he's smart enough to know that pestering works, just like any kid figures when he/she gets away with pestering!