Thursday, August 20, 2009

Seeded Floyd

Direct to you from The Great Escape last night....

I'm sure feeling seedy didn't mean this....

He is positively covered in sticky seeds. I hope the shampoo dissolves the sticky stuff, it's awful!

Hey, did you know that procession grubs are really, really bad for horses?


Yes, Carpe, it's that one... Someone's been studying them and this:
Their hairs (and those on the adult moths) can cause skin rash in sensitive people. The rash can last for months after the exposure, and easily become infected. Not only do humans suffer from irritation from the hairs. The hairs have also been implicated in causing abortions in horses.
is true. Even a little skin will abort. Owners of properties clear out all the nests to try and get rid of them, but because they are moths they just fly back in...


Carpe Jugulum said...

Ah, Floyd the canine gift that keeps on giving. (shampoo should work)

Procession grubs?? is this the creepy crawly with the irritant fibres (Ochrogaster lunifer) or one of the fly specis Gasterophilus?

kae said...

Yes, Carpe, that's them the first ones. See update.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Very good link, i think they also like the eucalypts - melliodora & punctata (sic i think). There we go 20+ years on & i still remember microbiology.

Michael said...

Passing this along in case it's new to you, too:

The fastest, neatest way to clean a dog is to pour half a bottle of shampoo into a fertilizer jug -- the kind you plug a garden hose into -- and turn it on.

Soak from the top across, then down. Go until the water runs clear.

You may have to leash the dog for this, as most don't like getting their skin wet unless it's their idea.

Pedro the Ignorant said...

Floyd the devil dog strikes again.

kae said...

Hi Michael
Hmm. The last grass weed 'n feed container I had Floyd chewed up - the grass does need weeding and feeding, maybe I'll pop down and get one. Oh crap, just remembered I need to get some heartworm monthly for the pooches.
Hmm. Two birds with one bottle? Weed 'n feed and the Seed!

He IS a monster, Pedro. Adorable, but a monster. He teaches ME games to play.

I've been smacked in the noggin more than once with the knotty end of the rope we play with.

And the legs....

I have bruises on my legs where he's pulled his rope around me.

Now I must go. Cuppa calls, then heartworm tabs and weed 'n feed bottle.

It's going to be 33 degrees here today and tomorrow for work in the open it's going to be 35!