Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I know how she feels


TimT said...

Cats are so awesomely murderous they even try to slaughter photocopiers. Excellent creatures.

Winston Smith said...

Our youngest cat tried it on with a Brown the other day - crook as hell for four days, but now realises that they bite back with those funny teeth.

Caz said...

True story of someone complaining to the maker of their home printer, how the printer worked perfectly when they were in the room, but whenever they left the room while something was printing, upon their return, the pages were shredded into a waste-like state.

Intrigued, and having eliminated all possibilities, a camera was set up in the relevant room, and yes, you've guessed it already: the household cat was going berserk with the pages being printed if the owner left the room, but refrained if anyone was there.

There's a video somewhere on YouTube, damned funny too - a cat with a serious hatred of printers, yet disciplined enough to not commit the crime in front of witnesses.

RebeccaH said...

Caz: that's called studied criminality.

Dogs, OTOH, would just slobber all over the pages. You still couldn't read them, but the dog would be immensely happyt that you could hold them in your hands.