Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Updated: Who said work life was boring?

No one was injured, although I suspect there were several pairs of fresh undies needed.

From the other side of the building. The two extra cranes arrived quickly. Almost sunset when I left just after 5pm, the light was fading and I don't think they'd attempt the lift at that time of day.

Again from the same side as the first two photographs.

The crane fell at about 12:30 or so.

One of the admin staff had just had his camera returned after having it repaired and had taken it outside to test it. The crane fell as he was taking the photos and he has got some spectacular shots. Johnnie on the spot so to speak.
Update: More info in The Chronicle here.
Update II: The crane was gone in the morning. They didn't waste any time, and yesterday there were less construction workers on site. (Parking was not at a premium.)

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splice said...

Maybe it’s just me… but can anybody else see Kae in that picture, just in front of the rig, working as dogman directing that crane?