Sunday, August 2, 2009


ALP Conference (didn't they just have one of them?) and paying for access to politicians.

Misha Schubert - Mal Turnbull takes his wife's counsel... Tomorrow's Australian Story is about Malcolm Turnbull.

Brian Toohey oops it not Brian Toohey it's Dennis Atkins

Andrew Bolt

Julia Gillards is the studio guest...

Best news is the headlines in today's Queensland papers... Bligh government on the nose poll reveals - gee, maybe the electorate's finally realised that there were lies of omission prior to the last rushed Queensland state election.

Again, it's the ALP fanclub giving their "on the street" opinion.

Back to the ALP conference... (shakes head - did anyone see the news and Kevin's intro to Bob Hawke? Oh, goodie, they played it on Insiders.)

I must say that seeing the promos for Random Acts of Kindness to screen tonight which features Kevin Rudd singing the praises of a hero, I've figured out what's wrong with Kevin.

His performance is always wooden. And I don't think we've ever seen him not performing (except perhaps when he waved at George Bush so pathetically, and positively beamed at the 2020 Conference with all his celebrity mates).

Trainwreck of Arbib saying the green jobs aren't jobs, they're work experience clip shown again.

Watch Kev's intro to Bob Hawke.

Fitzgerald and Qld Government corruption... I wonder if they'll show Beattie's attack on Fitzgerald and then Beattie's sucking up that attack, praising Fitzgerald. Which Andrew Bolt brought up...

Noel Pearson joins from Cairns. Speaks about the lobbyists and lobby groups who seem to be able to somehow override the submissions made by the locals. Good interview, Noel Pearson is good value!

Rudd speaks about health. God help us. They're managing the millions to spend in the schools and that's a huge shambles. Imagine the mismanagement we'll see in Hospitals if they are taken over?

Cheeky Andrew Bolt asked how many times Rudd had appeared on Insiders, and how many tiimes he'd appeared on Rove... cheeky Andrew.

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Mehaul said...

Krudd's introduction of Hawke used that Krudd style of humour that people laugh at out of sympathy.

His point being that when visiting a supermarket with Hawke, the public only recognised Hawke. That would have hurt Kevvie, he won't go out with Hawke again.