Sunday, August 9, 2009

Insiders 9/8/9

Utegate. Tailgate. Whatever. Again.

Karen Middleton, SBS

Phil Coorey, SMH

Glenn Milne, News Ltd

Barnaby Joyce.... ETS

Penny Wong, Australia still has to lead the world in taking action on climate change.

Your Shout.
Perth... interest rates rising? At the Perth Mint.
Some interesting comments from the interviewees. Not an ALP lovefest.

Steve Fielding has said that he will vote for the ETS but on his terms. If he believes AGW/CC/Carbon Pollution/CO2 driven climate catastrophe is untrue how can he vote for the ETS?

Barnaby Joyce was the featured Coaltion maverik.

Howard's speech - Hollingworth & Hanson revisited.

Talking Pictures
Rubbish Malcolm Turnbull today about utegate. Yawn.


Skeeter said...

Not much balance in today's show.
It mostly dealt with defence of the msm's interference in recent events. These included media interference in the raid on suspect terrorists, Utegate, Pauline Hanson and GG Hollingsworth.
While Utegate was being discussed, the occupant of the "right" couch, Glenn Milne, was intent on vilifying Godwin Gretch. Milne three times referred to the public servant as "Godwin Wretch".
To the surprise of Coorey (SMH), Milne let slip that Gretch's house had been smeared with excrement after the senate enquiry. Obviously, this news had been suppressed by the msm.
Milne was apparently unaware that he was undoing the other panelists' attempts to whitewash the msm's part in the Utegate fiasco.

Mehaul said...

I agree Skeeter. One of the most uninspiring Insiders for a while. I can't believe Cassidy didn't take Wong to task over any sceptical claims. This hag is selling our future down the zoom and he blows a chance to test her real awareness of both sides of the fence. Biggest free ride I've seen in a long time.

Turnbull may develop some weight in his scrotum this week if we keep our fingers crossed.