Saturday, August 22, 2009

Insiders tomorrow

Couch Panel:

Annabelle Crabbe

Andrew Bolt


I'll be at work.


Carpe Jugulum said...

Contestant number 3 was Mal Farr, overall the main talking point was MT's dalliance with the ALP. (meh, no that big a deal, as i don't favour MT too much)

Annabel was a bit more measured than usual and was a good counterpoint in the debate, despite my best efforts i quite like her style.

Bolta was eurdite as usual and made a lot of good points especially with the ETS/CRAP schemes.

He made a good quote - "I think the Liberals have neglected the ideology aspect, that they have to stand for something and this reflects their deep confusion"

Given the group hug that insiders has been in the past, not a bad show today.

But the real gold was Laurie Oakes & Barnaby on 9, Barnaby is at least showing some conviction to his politics, Oakes is still the sycophant apologist for kevvie his former house mouse.

kae said...

Hi Carpe
Thanks for the rundown, I might see if I have time to watch it during the week. I still haven't washed the dog, the prolem is where to put him when he's clean - I'd be heartbroken if he rolled in the dirt just after I'd washed him. I should be writing a job application, have to do it later... it's due tomorrow. And Devil Dog has to go to obedience tomorrow night. Arrgh. (He's lying in the dirt now... relaxing after his hard day.)

And I've discovered a philips head screw in one of my front tyres, so I'll have to get that fixed on Monday AM before work (I'm late-shift, 9am start). This wasn't the change in luck I was hoping for.

Only been home from work a little while, 35 degrees up here, WHEW! Managed to stay in the shade of a tree up until lunchtime then had to go into the tent - it was stinking.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Thanks Kae, my weekend at "hacienda Jugulum" down the coast saw me top the scale at 16 degrees. I maypeel offto get a tan any scond now, curse you gorbal warmening


kae said...

OK Carpe. How about this for a deal?

I'll take your 16 and my 35... add them and get, um, 51.

I'm in Qld, I'll have 26, you can have 25.


(I haven't allowed for humidity or the antarctic ice wind effect you have there.... maybe you need the 26? At the moment a day of 22 is lovely here...)

Carpe Jugulum said...

God i'd take a 20C, without an argument.

It's been a cold lousy winter in Melbourne this year. I await the gorball warmening with anticipation.

kae said...

That explains it all.

The gorball warmening is all up here in SEQ.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Seriously, it has been a cold winter down south, if you can spare an odd 5C i'd appreciate it.

kae said...


Maaaate, take ten, for tomorrow, too. And the day after... Wed, Thu and Fri you can only have 7.

(predicted temps*: Mon: 35, Tue: 32, Wed, Thu, Fri: 28, Sat: 29)

*Note: Subject to change without notice....

Anonymous said...

You don't really want that job do you kae?

Get on with that application woman!