Thursday, August 13, 2009


MDFD spoke with me yesterday about my lost gold necklace, asked if I'd phoned the hospital to see if anyone had handed it in. I hadn't phoned the hospital.

She had.

What a good friend!

No. Noone handed it in. I think I must have lost it walking to the hospital from the car, or back to the car....

Oh, and today I fell off a chair. I was checking the messages on the receptionist's phone, she was away sick today. I was at a slight angle to the chair and as I lowered myself down to sit on the chair my slacks and the cloth on the chair had the perfect lack of friction that silk does and the chair shot across the room and I landed on my arse on the floor.


Stop laughing. It wasn't funny. I've jarred my back and bumped my bum. And now I'm all stiff. There was nothing to grab onto to save me.

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