Thursday, August 13, 2009

Australia's youngest hoon!

A FIVE-year-old girl may have become Victoria's youngest hoon after her mini motorbike was seized at the weekend.

Police impounded Laney Frankland’s 49CC bike on Saturday afternoon when she was riding it at a Carrum Downs park.
I'm not sure what the rules are about vehicles, but I'm pretty sure the parents shouldn't be encouraging her to ride in the park. Sure, she has all the safety gear, but park neighbours have complained. The bike can do 25kph.

The council has impounded the bike, not the police. She shouldn't have been riding in the park.

The last sentence annoys me most I think.

"They didn’t give any sympathy. I think they’ve just gone overboard."
Unless, of course, your peace is disturbed by the noise, or you are concerned about the danger.

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Carpe Jugulum said...

Evening Kae,

This was all over talk radio (3AW) in Melbourne today. The general thrust of the comment on the radio was that the response was a bit heavy handed and over the top, (fair call). This in turn was counterbalanced by residents in the Frankston & Carrum Downs areas who also phoned in with their views that these style of bike were being used too frequently on the public reserves/parks.

Yes they went overboard big time, but the parents could have solved the problem but paying a nominal fee and using the motorx track about 3km down the road.

Cute kid though, i think she'll be a heartbreaker in 20yrs time.

Boy on a bike said...

I haven't heard or seen anything of it... but did anyone in the family have a mullet?