Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spring and summer should be interesting...

these have been around all afternoon


bingbing said...

Yeah. Mum said they had to pull out all the plugs tonight.

But look at that little red monster over Somerset.

Have fun with ya buckets, Vics. Good luck with ya Salt plant.

Stevo said...

Holy moly ... is there a coincidence that the storms start not far from where you live and proceed east towards Bris Vegas. Are you responsible? Towards the Breakfast Creek Hotel, the Gomorrah of Southern Queensland? And the map colour red ... is that code for bloodnut, rusty, carrot top ... or blue? Not global warming but local warming. I think you're having a bad day Kae, I know. I wish I could influence the weather like you. Ha!

I love watching storms, despite the damage that they sometimes bring. Part of nature. I have several stories to tell being in them. One was watching a spectacular storm approach from the south one evening, and I commented to my friend the lovely light show. An hour later, his roof was pulverised by the Sydney 1999 hail storm here in The Shire. Oops. My house only got about a dozen tiles broken. And I've been caught in the open twice in electrical storms, with lightning bolts zapping to ground next to me. A tad scary Kae. And that's an understatement.

Cya ... Stevo