Saturday, January 10, 2009


Tonight's Program's panellists
Christopher Hitchens - author and atheist
Waleed Aly - Muslim lawyer and academic
Father Frank Brennan - Catholic priest
Sally Warhaft - former editor of The Monthly
Anne Henderson - biographer and commentator

Well, I'm here....

STFU Anne Henderson - let Hitchens talk. You too, Tone.

Waleed Aly - give the man a medal. islam and Christianity are different. Bugger me, I never noticed.

Aly says islam has no rules, has no laws... it's an ongoing conversation.

Brrr. Aly talking at Hitchens, Hitchen's response is, um, icy would be a good descriptor of it.

Shock. I'm in shock!

Hitchens seems to be asked all the questions, but Tone won't let him answer. He interrupts and says that the panel should have a go first.

Hurrah! Roman Polanski question. "Should artists/celebrities be excused paedophilia because they are celebs/artists."
Aly says Polanski should be bought to book.
Loudmouth tells us that it's all changed now. (France drops support for Polanski)
Well said, Hitchens.

Question about Palestine and Israel. What's needed? About Israel having a bomb, and Iran having a bomb. What does the panel think? (paraphrased)
Warhaft. Good words.
Blah blah blah.
Hitchens answered the question well, "Are you happy for a regime which devalues women, and so on, to have a nuclear weapon."

Blast, I missed the stoush between Hitchens and a woman from Tehran.


Mine Host said...

Umm, which one of those is the token stooge from "the right"?

Skeeter said...

This week's Q&A might be interesting.
Which one is from the right? I think it would have to be Mrs Gerard Henderson (as she would have been known pre-PC).
I'm not familiar with her work, yet, but hubby Gerard runs a great blog featuring a blue cattle dog called Nancy.

kae said...

Didn't Warhaft get the sack from The Monthly for trying to introduce a bit of balance?

Carpe Jugulum said...

Kae, i think Warhaft wanted to include an article from Costello for a bit of balance, this wasn't agreed to and she left over 'editorial considerations'