Monday, September 7, 2009

Floyd could excel in escapology

If only he applied himself.

I arrived home from work and a quick shopping trip last Friday at about 5:30pm. First stop is to go outside and say hello to Floyd the wonder dog.

Something was amiss... he seemed to be able to reach further than he had been able to when I left in the morning, there were things he'd obviously been playing with and tearing up (paper labels off leads and toys), he'd taken a couple of leads off the top of the big flower pot they sit on top of and they were pulled across the concrete, but not chewed.

Wondering how he'd got so far on his shortened rope I checked where it was tied around the pergola post using a karabiner... somehow he'd managed to get the rope out of the karabiner and all that was holding him was the 1cm gap between the dog box and the pergola post where the knot in the rope and above it the karabiner were stuck. Now the karabiner gate is screwed shut!

I got home thisarvo and there’s a storm passing thru, hit when I was in the shops, but still passing thru when I arrived home 20 mins later.

When I got to the back door, saw the dog there, that’d be Floyd the wonder dog... well, he’s wringing wet and happy to see me, of course. His collar and the rope he’s tied up on is lying on the ground near one of the pergola posts. Collar in a perfect circle.

On further inspection the rope has been caught by a partially buried lump of wood that Ftwd has buried and I’ve partially dug up when moving some soil and partially filling in the 2ft deep hole beside the slab of the pergola.

*sigh* he’s too smart!

I can hear him when he’s tampering with his karabiner... he pulls it away from the post and then he tap, tap, taps it on the ground, trying to get it undone.

No dog obedience school tonight because of the storm, and it's still raining a bit I think,

He’s wayyy too smart! I have to have a shower now, I stink like wet dog...


Carpe Jugulum said...

Way to go Floyd the wonder dog, if only he had opposable thumbs he could use his gift for good.

Melbourne is still a cold damp hole, bugger.

Anonymous said...

Melbourne is still a cold damp hole

How can you say that?
Didn't the BoM just now announced that we had the warmest winter on record?


TimT said...

Cold wet hole = just the way I like it, Carpe.

Inspirational escape video for budding dog escapologists.

Carpe Jugulum said...

"Didn't the BoM just now announced that we had the warmest winter on record?"

I don't think the BOM inhabits this planet, if it was so warm how come it was such a good ski season?