Monday, September 7, 2009

Rio turns tables on China?

The headlines may have subsided but the fate of the Australian steel executive Stern Hu continues through China's legal processes.

Stern Hu's employer, the Anglo-Australian mining firm, Rio Tinto, has confirmed that its negotiations with China on an iron ore price have stopped in part because Stern Hu and his colleagues were the negotiating team.
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Steve at the Pub said...

I'm starting to feel a little kindly toward Rio Tinto.

kae said...

Hi Steve, how ya going?
I heard it last week, probably Friday I think, on the radio or somewhere.
I thought it was a good plan of action, the government doesn't seem to be able to do anything about Mr Hu, perhaps action by Rio will get the Chinese to reassess the situation... I

Steven at the Pub said...

Gooday Kae, going very well thank you.

Someone at Rio Tinto seems to have some gumption.

We'll see how the Glorious People's Liberation Government handles it when someone with a few aces stands up to them!