Saturday, September 5, 2009

A gem of Goosiness from Lateline

LEIGH SALES: OK. Let's set aside that issue, because I think that that is a very separate issue to the way in which you are implementing the stimulus package. We've seen a $1.5 billion blowout in the primary schools infrastructure program and we've seen the Australian Electoral Commission now rule that the thousands of signs that you've put up at schools basically amount to political advertisements. Kevin Rudd acknowledged this week that there are problems with the stimulus implementation. How many more such problems await us down the track?

WAYNE SWAN: Well, Leigh, there will always be some problems around the edges of any massive investment program such as this one. But this school modernisation program has been a spectacular success; a success in terms of creating employment and bringing confidence to the economy. It is going to leave a lasting legacy in our educational system and it's a very important part of the education revolution. And to trivialise that achievement by making some of the statements that Joe Hockey and Mr Turnbull has made means they don't even understand the problem.

LEIGH SALES: So as Treasurer, do you consider a $1.5 billion blowout to be a success?
Keep reading, it's a beauty!


Anonymous said...

Can't open it on that site, and don't want to print it.
Any other way?

kae said...

It opens for me. It's just and find the interview last nite 5/9/09 with Leigh Sales and Goose.

Anonymous said...

I can open the video but not the transcript.
I can read a lot faster than watch video.

Thanks anyway, might try again, later.
Can open all the other items on that page in text mode, maybe it hasn't been transcribed yet?

Skeeter said...

Onya Leigh!
This is yet another example of the current responses from government pollies in parliament and in the media. They steadfastly refuse to answer any question other than the Dorothy Dixers.
They respond to the question, but there is no answer to the question in their response.
Instead, the question triggers a torrent of well-rehearsed rhetoric that almost invariably includes an irrelevant attack on the opposition.
Sales is among the few journalists who can bore down a bit in an attempt to get an answer to their question.
She did not succeed in this with Swan, but at least she did make it more apparent that the question was being evaded.
Her handling of the questions about the school signs was brilliant and shook Goose until his feathers rattled.

kae said...

Hi Anon (Please give me a name so that you're not Anon foreva!)

I don't know what's wrong. I can see the transcript, that's where I cut and pasted the bit in the blog from... can you log out of your computer and log in again? To reset it and then give it another try?

Hi Skeeter. Just had a call from our friend who lives near you. He's in the Barossa sorta and just saw a sign... check out the Sign post on the blog.

1735099 said...

Link worked for me - suggest you use Mozilla.
Interesting, isn't it, that the ABC, so often criticized for bias by right wing bloggers, ran this interview.
Bias is in the eye of the beholder - go to - to read some up-to-date research on the issue.