Thursday, September 10, 2009

Here's a good news story about Scooby

A crew of six rescuers are today trying to coax a tiny, deaf and ageing dog out of a cave in the NSW Hunter Valley.

Scooby, an eight-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel, has been trapped since Sunday under a group of large boulders on his owner's 20-hectare property at Sweetmans Creek.

‘‘He chased something up or ran up a small cavity under a set of boulders and he just didn’t come back out,’’ RSPCA Inspector Matt French said.
More here, including photos and video!

The article says they hope to rescue him soon, the news at 11:30pm showed that he'd been rescued.


Skeeter said...

The solution, of course, is to remove all gender restrictions and let everyone — boys, girls, men women, trannies and hermaphrodites — play together on a level field.
Only then will we know who is the greatest of us all.

Skeeter said...

Put your own comma in after "men".

Mr. Bingley said...

Rut rho Scooby!

Egg said...

Was the cave full of Scooby doo doo?