Friday, September 11, 2009

Eight years ago I was awakened

Brisbane Australia. 11 September 2001 11:00:00pm
New York USA. 11 September 2001 9:00:00am

Looking at the clock now I remember that evening eight years ago.

Changing the channel to see the late news at 11pm, not the usual evening viewing for me, I was usually in bed by 10:30pm, I was shocked to see the most frightening vision.

What was playing on the television was not the news. Mesmerising in its horror, I watched one of the Twin Towers burning.

Hoping it was some movie short promoting a new release I watched, glued to the screen until sometime after midnight. It was too horrible to contemplate. I watched as the second plane flew into the tower.

I can not begin to imagine the horror those people experienced before they perished.

I can not begin to imagine the pain of their loved ones - no one I knew was in the tragedy which will forever be called 9/11, although a work mate had a nephew who worked in the WTC, he wasn't at work that day for some reason. He was safe.

WTC Some old photos of my father's. I must find that post about remembering what has been lost.