Saturday, September 12, 2009

Riverfire 2009

Fireworks... meh.

F111 Dump-and-Burn, brilliant!

OK, 2008 Riverfire D&B.

Better 2008 Riverfire D&B.

2008 D&B. Music instead of the raw power of the noise of the flyover.

Brisbane River Fire 2008 (Part 3 of 3)

2007 Riverfire D&B.

F111 Riverfire "Dump & Burn" 2007

They should ditch the contrived, prerecorded rubbish which they play before the opening F111 flypast.


Skeeter said...

Does anyone actually watch Ch 7's prattling presenters for a whole hour on Riverfire night?

kae said...

They're shockers, aren't they?

I watch the start and the finish D&B, anything I catch in the middle is purely by chance 'cos it's drivel and fireworks don't ring my bells.

I don't think any of them were drunk this year, unlike last year!

kae said...

I spent the time through the prattle with the sound on the TV down reading blogs.

I missed the first D&B at the start.

Boy on a bike said...

Won't someone think of the carbon?