Sunday, September 6, 2009


Starring Della Bonka

And Michael McGuirk, the Sydney millionaire, shot dead in front of his 10 year old son during the week. Apparently there is a tape, an incriminating tape for some NSW Labor members, it's been reported that the police have the tape in hand.

Annabelle Crabbe

Piers Akerman

Michael Stutchbury

Regarding the millionaire and the incriminating tape, Piers Akerman brought up the Badgery's Creek airport and what's known about funny business about wheeling and dealing in that process.

Nathan Rees knows nothing!

Annabelle's comment, "Not a day goes by without some revelation which is news to Nathan Rees", got a hearty chuckle out of Piers.

Now we have The Goose. Is he sitting on one of those ball thingies? He's bouncing and wobbling all over the place.

Stimulus. Stimulus. Stimulus. Australia's fine, we're great, not crisis here. But we have to keep up the stimulus package because growth is still lower than normal. Blah, blah, blah.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz goose. Did he say anything? Oh wait. The previous government spent like a drunken sailor. Is he saying that the current one hasn't? Particularly spent money they don't have? Highest taxing government in history which spent like a drunken sailor.

One day he's gonna short circuit completely and go into a neverending continuous loop.

Goose can't say "protect" either. He says "bertek".

Your Shout!
At the Australian Ballet in Melbourne asking the cast of Sleeping Beauty.
Male Principal dancer: recession? What recession? People are still buying tickets to the ballet.
Male Principal dancer again says that both governments have set Australia up for our good position in the GFC. As did the canteen bloke (I think that's what he said), and he also said that it is annoying that no party can acknowledge the role of the other party's previous measures taken and their contribution to Australia's healthy economic position through the GFC.

Michael Stutchbury speaks about the placement of Australia to be the best performing economy in the GFC.

Piers talks about the Industrial Relations situation and awards... Michael speaks in a bit of depth about the "streamlining", "simplification" of the awards system.

The stimulus package (can't get away from it), and the spending on schools. Feature video fo Kevin-wet-lips talking on 3AW about the school stimulus and being put on the spot by a caller who asked about the school beyond Longreach with one student and a $250k stimulus package. I wonder if s/he's getting a gymnasium or an assembly hall?

He has nice hands... errr, where was I?

Annabelle talks about the signs and the Electoral Commission order to apply the disclaimer used with election advertising.

Della Bonka...

Annabelle spoke about the silent journo/media code regarding politicians' private lives.

Talking Pictures...
Carry on Cabinet...


Egg said...

& what's the Male Principal dancer's opinion on AGW; do tell ...

Skeeter said...

What do IKEA and the NSW government have in common?
One wayward screw and the whole cabinet falls apart.