Sunday, September 20, 2009


Question time Monday and Tuesday this week was a farce.... They settled down by the end of the week, apparently.

The lip-licking weasel is in NY and already banging on about saving the world from warming to hell.

Barak's still banging on about the greed and reckless lending that caused the GFC.

Mischa Schubert - Rudd is a dickhead, he's talking about not dropping the "F" bomb, it was robust conversation. He really did look set to deny dropping the F bomb until he realised that people heard him and knew the truth. You could see the wheels turning in his little round head when he was waffling (he even began to leave 'cos he was soooo tired and jetlagged, but he came back to chat about Milne's article).

Brian Toohey - Costello to retire?

Phil Coorey - Andrew Robb's depression. Back to Rudd's NY doorstop and he talks about Andrew Robb and the recognition of this illness.

Telstra sale in pieces... Lindsay Tanner mumbles his way through an explanation of the sale, beginning with saying that it should have been split like this in the mid 90s...

Guess I'm on my own with this today...
Any hearing impaired people out there ever tried to figure out what Lindsay Tanner is mumbling? He barely moves his mouth when he speaks, just wondering if anyone who relies on reading lips might have a problem with figuring out what he says.

Telstra needs to get out of Foxtel so they can concentrate on mobile and wireless communication.

***Gee, bloody phone rang and that was the end of that. Seeing Wand's comment I'm glad I didn't bother!***


Wand said...

Well I was bored by the show -- too much to stomach - Rudd in NY, Rudd co-opts Nelson, Rudd the fucker, oh Gawd.

So what does it say about Nelson? I am reminded of that old English folk song (that we sang at school) - The Vicar of Bray. Music here.

Now was it Paul Kelly who suggested that Krudd may be downplaying Climate Change etc by appointing Nelso as ambassador to the EU and Nato? My bet is that's a fat chance unless (of course) the world changes course first.

Arrgh ... enough.....I switched the f****ing thing off early ... more learning from f***ing Krudd.

Wand said...

More on 'Climate Change', Global Warming and so on. In the context of Brendan Nelson not believing in the stuff ... how about this short read on Penny Wong's Institutionalised Idiocy?

Good grief. What next? World government ... they wish.

Skeeter said...

How kind of Ms Wong to permit all those nations to make their own decisions on AGW.

(For two good reasons, I resisted the impulse to click on the "Watch" button in the video panel of that linked article).