Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kiddie propaganda

This is a childrens' news program on the ABC.

Don't see any concentrated items on teev about other religions.

You know something?

I'm not interested. I've had enough.

Update: Link fixed.

While you're there, have a sticky and see if you can see the program about cutting the bark from a eucalypt to make an aboriginal style canoe. "This is the first time it's been done in 100 years." dribbles the reporter. It aired tonight, so it may not be there for a few hours.

Interesting, just interesting.

The whipping horses one is interesting, too. The opinions of children are sought and I can't recall much information on the actual whipping of the horses being given, for example, look at puppies playing. They chew eachother's faces. It doesn't hurt them. If a puppy chewed your face it would be hurt. There is a difference.

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