Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No static electricity in Egypt, either.

How about that?

(Perhaps because everything's made of stone and wood?)


Wand said...

Is this some type of coptic - I mean cryptic message?

kae said...

I dunno, ask an Imam!

Wand said...

And did you know there is no tomorrow

Well apparently so because: Treasurer Wayne Swan today revealed the revised budget deficit is $27.1 billion (or 2.3 per cent of GDP) for 2008-09.

“We're running a tight ship and over time we want to return the budget to surplus,” Mr Swan said.

Holy shit - what a turn around! And they are crowing because they haven't sprayed more up against the wall!

TimT said...

Better arrange for some to be shipped out then. Sounds like a lucrative export opportunity!

splice said...

Arrrgh… look up there, at the tops o’ the masts and the tips o’ the yardarms! That ghastly glow be the corpus sancti!
St Elmo’s fire, shipmates; ‘tis an omen of doom.

The casket is empty, abandon ye all hope. They ran off with the money and left us with a rope.*

Curse ye forever, Captain Krudd!

*The Pogues

kae said...


That's good, Splice. I see your avatar is working.

Egg said...

Reminiscent of the classic line from Steely Dan's 'FM' movie theme song 'no static at all...'