Sunday, September 13, 2009

Red Dwarf

Did the serious years ago used to have a laugh track?

I don't remember a laugh track.

I hate the laugh tracks on programs. Let me decide what's funny.


Skeeter said...

Kae, I think you'll find they all have laugh tracks. It's just that you don't notice them if you are already laughing.

kae said...

Surely not, Skeeter.

I'm sure pommie shows never had laugh tracks on them.

We're not that stupid that they have to tell us when it's funny, we notice it's funny and laugh in the right bits!

petfood said...

have to agree with you there kae.

never noticed a laugh track on "Open all hours" or "Yes Prime minister"

Of course Skeeter may be right, we were laughing already?

No, I don't think so.
Have to dig out a few old recordings and check.


kae said...

LouMac, another annoying recent habit of many programs is that prior to the break the tell you what's coming up next, and when they return from the break there's a recap of what happened before, sometimes these recaps run through the whole program. I can remember back that far! It wastes times and I find it really annoying, it's obvious in the air crash investigators, and some of the true crime programs. That's about 10 minutes that is wasted!

kae said...

Oh, and I loved Open All Hours.

petfood said...

I have to stand corrected kae, couldn't find "Open all hours" but I came across an episode of "Porridge"
where Fletcher is missing a tin of pineapple chunks, and sorry to say, it has canned laughter all right!

How I missed it when watching it for the first time, I don't now.
But it doesn't bother me I admit, maybe because it's genuinely funny?

Skeets must be a psychologist!

kae said...

You sure it's an old one, Lou?

Canned laughter's always got on my wick, I'm sure I'da noticed it... sure.

petfood said...

I don't know kae, I know I copied this to DVD soon after DVD recorders came on the market, many years now.

So, unless it's not the original release but a remake ... possible.

I will try to find some really old sitcoms and see it it's true.