Sunday, September 13, 2009

Insiders 13/9/09

Let's see what's in store...

Stimulus package humour.

Pelosi might be botoxed to within an inch of her life, but I reckon Bob Brown's brain's been botoxed.

Seems some plaetary travel occurred in parliament this week.

"Shit-eating grin" rolls out better than "a smile like the cat who swallowed the canary".

Another "possible double dissolution", the health bill. YAWN.
Nicola roxon will be the special guest today.

Lenore Taylor

Work Choices back on the agenda.

Glenn Milne, News Limited

Oh, Nathan Rees has problems. Defending Koperberg's domestic violence issues. He's thinking of leaving parliament.

David Marr - hurr hurr hurr. Koperberg. Then onto McGurk. (Business as usual for NSW.) OK, that was astute, he made a remark about the state of the NSW government.

So glad, from the sound bite of Kevin Rudd, that he's taking this seriously. The health issue.

Nicola Roxon is on. Health reforms... budget blow out... Making couples earning over $250k/pa pay for their own health insurance with no rebate. Now she's commenting on what the Libs policy/thoughts are regarding. Hang shit on the opposition. I guess she's also paving the way for the double dissolution they don't want...

Your Shout...
Royal Adelaide Show Woodchopping - now that's I sport I like to watch!
Are pollies paid too much? Should they get the chop? It appears that many woodchoppers are of the right!
Champion Tassie woodchopper, Forest? Foster, David Foster I think. (Or one of his sons.)

Julia Gillard Memorial School Construction Project, why is it costing more for the same construciton in different schools, a lot more. Why are four classrooms being pulled down to construct four new classrooms?

Paul Kelly. The opposition see the weakness in the ALP as being their failure to deliver. The book launch, and Kevin Rudd's speech there bagging out the Libs and John Howard - and saying that the only reformers are the Labor governments. Kev. Head. Up. Bum.

How wonderful. The couch collective seem to be agreeing on everything. Everything the ALP has done regarding the stimulus package. (Glenn didn't say much here.)

Joe Hockey's centre left comment. Supposedly shot down in flames by the couch collective and Kevin Rudd et. al.

Poor Barrie, the token "devils advocate" right winger.

Left means nothing anymore, the word according to David Marr.

Joe Hockey's statement that interest rate levels are more important than guarding jobs.

Again, back to the book launch by Kevin Rudd for Paul Kelly.

David's such a happy little camper today, hard to believe just looking at him that he's a supporter of people with dubious interest in naked children.

Kevin's attack of the "neoliberalism" is smacked down by Glenn Milne and Leonre Taylor.
Milne: Not only do they forget the history, and forget that we were there witnessing the changes, they forget what they said yesterday. They forget the .
Taylor: They forgot the GST and so on, huge changes.
They both agreed that all the changes made by the Hawke and Keating governments were paving the way for the neoliberalism of the Howard government.
Bit of a mash there, but they both swiped at the ALP and their changing of history, or total ignoring of history.

Covering the Balibo Five, both the release of the movie raising awareness, and the success of any further investigations of the crime.

Talking Pictures...
Kudelka... They gover the cartoons. Then Women in the services, how about some of our current pollies? Who's a goer? Amusing.

Ruggers match between pollies, someone mistook Barnaby Joyce for Joe Hockey!


Dave said...

when they were talking about Joe's 20 left-of-center comment, Glen got out a sheet of paper that had the stats on how many governments were actually left.
Dave saw that bit of paper and panicked. Presumably he thought that Glen was going to bring out some facts in support of Hockey's G20 comments, so Dave tried to talk over him and shout him down before he even got going. It was poor form.
However, Glen's point was rather mundane, ie simply that the G20 is about a 50/50 split between left and right. He wasn't trying to defend Joe Hockey at all!

Dave outed himself as a partisan in that moment. He should have sat there and kept his trap shut, whatever Glen had to say.

JennyinOz said...

I turned the telly on to watch 'Insiders', saw the guests and promptly turned it off. Seems from your rundown I made the right decision.

kae said...

Lol Jenny
Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment...

But you know, sometimes... OK, rarely, there are gems.

You just have to look real hard for their tell-tale sparkle.


Skeeter said...

David Marr was claiming that the whole private health system should be scrapped. Glenn Milne with eyebrows raised, softly asked Marr, 'Have you been in a public hospital lately?'
No response from Davy boy.

bingbing said...

"Left" means nothing anymore? Only a Leftard would say that.