Sunday, October 4, 2009

Alternate definitions

There are 374 words beginning with "mal".

Perhaps it would be good to have 'Turnbull' definitions for these words?

Here's mine:

malaise - the pall over the Liberal party which has descended with the 'leadership' (Me-Too like), of Malcolm Turnbull.

maladjust - when you threaten to leave if things don't go your way and then, when it looks like you'll have to go, you decide that your principles really aren't as important as remaining the leader.

malamute - what Malcolm is trying to do to dissent.

malapportioned - Turnbulls' idea of the number of people out there who don't believe in AGW.

malfunction - when your carefully laid plan to pull everyone into line doesn't work and you must maladjust your stance....

It could also apply to a Fraser definition, too. Or any Mal for that matter.


Wand said...

Hmm - I'll play:

malfeasance: Malcolm Turbull's behaviour towards an ETS - he believes in Global Warming and thinks an ETS is feasible with the end result being malfeasance if he's successful.

Egg said...

The 'bull' part is equally fruitful:

The ETS leadership style of a 'bull in a Nimbin windchime factory...

Minicapt said...'en_va-t-en_guerre