Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finally! The science is settled

The science on Global Warming is now, without a doubt, settled ... proving that Anthropogenic Global Warming simply doesn't exist to the extent we've been led to believe ... and if it does exist as a phenomenon, there is no proof of it. The facts have settled the science ... that being, that the science is indeed, not settled.

Read more at Celestial Junk.

Thanks to Minicapt


Wand said...

The story in the Financial Post linked by Celestial Junk would be one of the most important stories about Global Warming and all the related theories around it.

In a nutshell, there is no reliable data and no evidence to support a supposition that the earth has warmed over the last century, not that a little warming matters, let alone a theory of a temperature increase caused by anthropogenic global warming.

But will anyone take notice?

Libs, where are you?

kae said...

I don't think that there is anything which will convince the true believers.

LouMac said...

I'm watching "Yellowstone: Autumn"
on TV, they just mentioned the "CC" word.

Seems the pine beetles never were around before!

kae said...

It certainly presses my "off" switch when any nature program professing to be seriously educational uses the AGW/CC scare words.

The channel is changed PDQ.

It's worse at work, it comes up in all sorts of conversations - my peers share pretty much Barnaby Joyce and others' opinion of the AGW/CC thing, but some of the other staff....


Wand said...

LM, I just finished watching it too and I noticed the bit about some pine trees dying because, wait for it, it's been getting warmer up here.

Oh yes sure - but just on the news a day or so ago I saw that winter is coming early to the US this year. And it looks like Winter has started at Yellowstone . Still it was the BBC and I guess there was an obligatory plug for AGW. Otherwise it is a brilliant show with magnificent photography especially when viewed in HD.


kae said...

These people have very short memories (I didn't watch it, but it seems to be a phenomenon among many believers in AGW/CC).

LouMac said...

"it is a brilliant show with magnificent photography "

I agree, beautifully done, pity about the unnecessary stupid commentary about warmening.

my family owns a bit of pine forest in Europe and we had trouble with beetles as far back as the records go.