Monday, October 12, 2009

Fascinating old stuff, anthropological things and Henry VIII

This would be so interesting!

I would like to know more about the sailors. It would be wonderful for complete skulls to be scanned and then computer faces generated using the markers to show us what these people looked like - it makes them more.... real? Is that the right word?


RebeccaH said...

That IS fascinating. I love stuff like this. We used to be able to view Native American skeletons in glass cases at ancient Pueblo museum sites until the present-day NAs got all spiritual and political. I always recognized them as human beings, and wondered what their day to day lives were like. I never thought viewing their remains was disrespectful.

How would we know about things like the os acromiale and its history, if we didn't have these old remains to study?

kae said...

Me too, RebeccaH, me too!
I love reading about how people made do in the very olden days.
I found the programme by Tony Robinson (of Blackadder) "World's Worst Jobs" fascinating. Worth a google for you!

WV: ardiff
The place that used to be known as Cardiff, before they went green and converted to all deadly treadlies.

kae said...

Something else that I found fascinating was a program where they found human remains which were hundreds of years old and tested them to see where the people had come from, it was a program about Vikings in the north of England.
Apparently, water in different countries has different combinations of minerals and metals and these can be analysed in the teeth and the origin of the person can be determined. Just amazing!

LouMac said...

"analysed in the teeth and the origin of the person can be determined"

Might come handy in determining the origin of some of the boat people heh?

I hear tell, the mineral content of the water is different in the regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan

kae said...

Here you go... too busy to do the linky thing properly...