Monday, October 12, 2009

Regarding the furore over the "blackface" skit on Australian Television

Having just watched thie Bill O'Reilly show's coverage with the two hysterical women, Gretchen Carlson & Margaret Hoover blowing off about the skit and human rights and respect on this site, and the accumulated rubbish reported about Australia's racism and human rights tardiness, I have one thing to say:

US researchers for these programs, if they use researchers, are incompetent.

Australia is different to America. We've been a lot less restricted and PC with our humour. We've never had anything like the Black and White Minstrel Show (it was imported from the US). To us, if you are not black and need to play a black person you must be blacked up. To me, blackface was the minstrel look, big white lips, and white around the eyes, not completely black. For heaven's sake! If a black person wanted to play a white person would they "white up"? The Wayans brothers did, and dressed as women, for one of their movies.

For crying out loud, we had bare boobs and nakedness on our TVs in the 70s. We even showed married people sleeping in the same double bed (not in the US!).

I didn't think the skit was funny 20 years ago, Red Faces wasn't terribly funny anyway, and it wouldn't have been funny on Wednesday night when it aired again.

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Mine Host said...

Once again a demonstration that American's lives really ARE affected by what they see on their TV screen!