Sunday, October 25, 2009

Floyd, devil dog, is brushed

Well, well, well.

Floyd resisted being brushed for a very long time. I tried several different types of brush and moulting comb. Today I succeeded!

After gently getting him used to one comb which I don't think he likes, it's a curved thing with one row of, um, tines is the best way I can describe them (oh wait, a comb has teeth!). Anyway, getting him used to that I just thought he was a bit settled thisafternoon and decided to give him a go with a different brush, this is a flat one with metal tines like little blunt pins, but they bend.

Hurrah! Success. He doesn't tolerate it for long, but if I let him go when he gets sick of it (about one minute), but praise him all the time he lets me brush, he'll let me do his rump and back, and even his feathers, then lie down and let me do a bit of his, er, outside thighs. Then start snapping at me (well, he doesn't snap, he tries to grab the brush in his teeth to stop me I think), but he's very gentle.

The other day he knocked the comb thingy out of my hand and it flew out of my reach. I said "Get it for me, bring it here... bring it here", and he did! I only said it twice. He's so clever!

Anyhoo, he's got a bit of a knot in the soft fur at the back of his right ear which I'm going to have to do something about. He's a wriggler so I'm not sure how to approach that knot.

If I can swing a pic I shall. Later!

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