Sunday, October 25, 2009


Glen Milne - Oceanic Viking assylum seekers by their hunger strike are starting to make thee government look bad.
Nope. Only if they were a coalition government.

Phil Coorey - Afghanistan

Mischa Schubert

Stephen Smith is being interviewed regarding the Oceanic Viking 'refugees'.

Your Shout: Royal Hobart Show... the young "horsey" interviewees seem to be pro Rudd, and one in her, um, late 30s or early 40s hit the nail on the head, we'll have to pay. And the next Liberal government will be left with the bill.

High praise for Michael Danby who spoke out about the use of "illegal immigrants" to describe assylum seekers. Bah.

Argument about the debate about old coaltion policies being rolled back, and the lack of dissent for that step by the coalition when the ALP rolled them back. Nasty arguments.

Might be worth a look/read of the transcript.

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