Friday, October 16, 2009

Guest Post: Tax Carbon to Stop Corruption

The story titled “Tax carbon to stop corruption” in this morning’s Australian by Peter Walsh was based on his President's Report 2009 for the Lavoisier Institute.

Of course Peter Walsh from the Hawke Labor government and Labor's chief internal sceptic has never been backward in calling a spade a spade. So it is both refreshing but no suprise to see him call the ETS, AGW and all the attendant rent seekers and carpetbaggers for what they are - frauds.

Some gems from his report:

The Kyoto junkies wallow in belief but ignore factual evidence. Until they change any national Government should spurn their disastrous advice.

In the late 1980s Global Warming became a favourite topic for the 'chattering classes' who recognised it as a viable excuse for sabotaging the economy.

'Global Warming' has since morphed into 'Climate Change'... because it is more nebulous, offered more opportunities for activists to peddle their junk science and terrify the masses.

The IPCC record is disgraceful, even by UN standards. It habitually concocts evidence to prop up its predetermined conclusions.

The Kyoto junkies, as part of their brainwashing programme, assert that renewable energy, solar and wind, are suitable for base load power. That is another bare faced lie.

Al Gore, champion charlatan of 'global warming' and 'climate change'

It is almost beyond 'reasonable doubt' that the Kyoto hypothesis is a hoax, for which the Rudd Government and Turnbull Opposition have fallen.

But why does he suggest a Carbon Tax? The answer is simple: a tax can be easily abolished when the scam is exposed but the ETS will be exceedingly difficult to remove.
Thanks to Wand for his guest post after my exhausting week!

And another link to words from Lord Monkton.

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