Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm crook!

I've been sneezing all week and I've not slept very well a couple of nights.

One of the lecturers emailed us that he'd been diagnosed with swine flu on Monday. He caught it on a rugby trip to En Zud. Poor bugger!

I haven't seen him since he went away, he was in En Zud on the weekend and the following Thursday he started to show the symptoms, and then Monday this week he was diagnosed, and placed in quarantine.

Probably just an URTI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection) in my case. I hope it's not a bad one.

Sick on the weekend, great.

Popped into town thismorning to get some supplies. Visited the chemist/pharmacy to get some soluble paracetamol (I haven't seen it in the supermarket). God spare me from the counter clerk's inquisition. Have you been to the doctor? Then trying to sell me a decongestant - it's in my head, in my sinuses, not in my chest. I don't need a decongestant. Then trying to sell me a nasal spray. I have rhinocourt and I have polaramine 2mg. Finally asked about some mersyndol, which is good for my post migraine migraines. Found the caplets, will get them next time as opposed to the horse tablets I have now.


Margo's Maid said...

Swine flu laid me out for virtually the whole month of June, but I never sneezed started off with a long nasty fever. Symptoms seem to vary though. Get well soon.

kae said...

Hi Margos, this is the email he sent, and the others when asked to describe symptoms and incubation.

Dr Swine Flu:
Please give my apology for today’s School meeting. Unfortunately I have been diagnosed with Swine Flu and therefore in quarantine.
Could the minutes of this important meeting be circulated soon after the meeting to inform everyone of the discussion and outcomes.

They were just talking about the Swine Flu vax here, I'm getting done with a colleague on 13/10 (I have asthma, only since I was in my early 40s, damnit!).

They manufacture flu vaxes every year so I guess the Swine Flu vax is hardly a challenge.

I told them if I'm snorting like a pig on the 14th perhaps they should steer away from Swine Flu vax - anyway, our receptionist/accounts clerk reckons we've all already had it with our wogs over winter... Wouldn't surprise me!

Dr Swine Flu:
Yes tell everyone to get the vaccine. It is easy to catch. Our whole rugby touring party that went to NZ virtually all have it!
You know when you have had the swine is not like any normal flu I have constant moderately high temp that doesn’t seem to respond much to panadol, very sore throat, lung congestion, & very very tired!

Do you know the incubation period? Someone just asked,wondering if any of us might have caught it from you....

Dr SF:
Not sure of the incubation period (a few days probably).....but I got it from my trip to NZ last week. All those hot thermal springs after footy games on tour.
Once you get symptoms apparently need about a week to stop being infective. I first had symptoms on Thurs last week, and I went to NZ on Sat week back.

One of the first symptoms I had is a lot of sneezing, then a very sore throat...a killer sore throat!


I wonder if he has tonsils, I don't. It feels like an urti, with scritchy eyes and scratchy throat and rough in the back of the nose.

I think I saw him the day before he left for NZ.

kae said...

Some of the girls were saying they were a bit iffy about a flu vax for swine flu.

I said "Well, every year they make flu vax of the three most nasty, common flus and that's the flu vax we get, so they've been doing it for a while, I'd trust them. (CSL has been manufacturing flu vax for 40 years!).

Carpe Jugulum said...

A bit of bad luck there champ, just keep your chin up, probably a simple Coryza/URTI/RTI/Viraemia.

Remember, plenty of fluids, asprin for fever and rest (no playing with Floyd) you'll be up dancing with the best of them in no time.

Oh yeah stay off the dairy products, they'll just give you a head full of snot.

Get well soon.

kae said...

Hi Carpie
The snot hasn't solidified yet, it's like water. Bloody stuff. Sore nose.
Aspirin. I love aspirin, but can't take it - asthma. Same with muscular aches and pains, can't take nurofen, either.

And I like dairy... in fact I had cravings for it on Thursday night!

Carpe Jugulum said...

OK try soluable paracetamol & too bad stay off the dairy products, and drink plenty of fluids. No not those fluids either (although a whiskey never hurts).

LouMac said...

Hope you'll get better soon kae,

It's a bummer when you can't take certain meds, I shouldn't take Codral when I have a cold, but I do just the same but very sparingly, and it probably works better that way.

Never had a flue vax yet myself,
don't believe in shots, Yes I know it's stupid, but..

Have some hot tee with brandy and honey, may not do any good but it's like chicken soup, it cant hurt!

Get well soon!


kae said...

Dang. No soluble paracetamol.

I do have yellow bricks, um, mersyndol. Wonder if they'll work?

kae said...

Lou Mac
I just had some chicken noodles. Hungry, but can't be bothered cooking anything... to tired to stand up!

I might have another cuppa decaf tea (Dilmah, it's good with my water), and go horizontal.

It's moments like these you wish you had a significant other, or your mum!


LouMac said...

moments like these

Yes I'm sorry to say I know the feeling.

kae said...

It's good to be able to just crawl into bed and die, and when you're conscious someone's there to make you a cuppa or get something for you to eat.

Unload the dishwasher...


Peel a grape....


kae said...

And now Floyd's talking to me... must see what he wants.

LouMac said...

just to cheer you up, the big O has been awarded this year's Noble P prize.

but you probably knew that already.

is Floydyboy feeling lonely?

kae said...

RE: Obama's Nobel Peace Prize - yeah, someone on the blogs said it put the Nobel Peace Prize into the negative.
'fraid that happened when that scumbag Arafat won it. And possibly even before that.
What a joke.

Floyd was talking to me, whining like a kid who wants you to play with them... with his rope. Also, his new bed was out of place, so I put that back. He's OK now. I'll say goodnight to him before I go to bed, then I won't hear from him until about 6:30-ish. He's good.

Caz said...

Doesn't sound at all like flu Kae, you'd not only have more symptoms, but flu hits hard straight-up, right out of nowhere. Routine colds, on the other hand, start off slowly, taking a few days to settle in.

BTW - the no dairy food thing has long been scientifically proven to be a myth. Eat up, if you have any appetite.

Odd that the swine flu chap claims the symptoms he describes are "not like normal flu" that he's had. Obviously one of the millions of people who has never had anything other than a very bad cold, but choses to label it flu, because it sounds so much more serious.

Seasonal flu is much like his swine flu description, only far worse.

People do tend to know when they have flu, even without a GP, mostly because they've never had it before, so when they have real flu, of any variety, the truth hits like a truck: "holy shit, this is the flu".

Flu sure as sugar ain't like even the worst of colds, and let's not forget that colds can knock people around for weeks - still doesn't make it "flu" though.

Hope you can rest up over the weekend Kae, kick back on the couch and watch some DVDs or something. Don't make any sudden moves. Sleep a lot. Drink lots of fluids.

kae said...

Thanks Caz
I thought that he must never had had a flu - I've had flu three times in my life that I can remember, once in 1993, laid me up for two weeks - couldn't be bothered eating, was hungry, but just could't stand up long enough to even make a cuppa.
Then again a few years ago, for about a week or so. And one or two times in between.
The ex didn't believe I was so sick.
Until he got it.

Hot, cold, aching, headache, can't concentrate, sleeping a lot. I don't usually get colds, I get urtis. Usually stay in my sinuses and face... but never settle on the chest, any cough is caused by irritation. Sometimes have to sleep semi-sitting up. Awful when you always sleep on your side!
I'll live, but I don't want to be sick!

I have hospital pre-op day on 22/10 and ablation on 27/10.

So I hope I'm better and not coughing.

Boy on a bike said...

Look on the bright side. You can stay at home and blog for a few weeks.

WV = lestest

What you ask cute girls to do at the pub after a few drinks. "Can you two do a lestest for me? Just a bit of kissing and groping will do."

kc said...

This'll probably sound self-serving, Kae, but I really mean it - I'd help you if you lived a bit closer! I make excellent chicken soup.

Who was it said "a whiskey?" Doesn't mean a bottle of whiskey. Used to love a warm lemonade with half shot of brandy, myself.

I don't do well with dairy products when my symptoms are like yours - too rich and thick. What I want when I'm sick is warm and clear and light. Take care, please keep us posted, eh?

LouMac said...


Doesn't mean a bottle of whiskey

Now you tell me!
I prefer brandy anyway.

kae said...

Hmm. I have some rum and cola in the fridge, if I could face it I might drink some.

My taste buds have gone awol. I'm about to have a ham roll.

And a cuppa (tea).