Saturday, October 10, 2009

Is there no escape from "doof-doof"?

Someone nearby here has a big stereo with huge woofers.

Fortunately I can't feel it eviscerally at the moment, just far enough away for it not to make my guts vibrate. I hate that feeling from the doof-doof.

I can only hope that he blows up the speakers and can't afford new ones for a while....

Is that bad of me?


Kaboom said...

If you think it's too loud, then you are too old!!

Caz said...

Kaboom - noise pollution is noise pollution at any age. Ignorant twerp.

Having one's personal peace and space invaded by someone else's noise & musical tastes is torture.

Egg said...

It's probably subwoofer(s) (capable of output below the traditional woofer's minimum cutoff of 40Hz).

The annoying 'doof-doof' component is usually @50Hz and, unfortunately, so is many rooms' resonant frequency; so, if you're unlucky that one audibly couples with your home, you'll basically have a 'doof-doof' filter, which is rather annoying without the remainder of the audio spectrum of the source.

LouMac said...


"without the remainder of the audio spectrum of the source."

Just as you said, while I'm strictly a classics or light music fan, I wouldn't mind so much the noise ("music") my neighbors make if I could hear it all.

Unfortunately only the lowest frequencies travel any distance.

No wonder the drums became a popular means of communications.

Feel for you kae,
this particular neighbor is three houses down the street from me, and you can hear his car stereo from the end of the street.

How he can stand it is beyond me!
As soon as he is out of the car, the home stereo starts up.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Kae, just do this the easy way..get a 22.250 with a Tasco 4x15scope and one, maybe 2 shots and problem solved [speakers, not people].(I would neither condone nor sanction such a measure)

"If you think it's too loud, then you are too old!!"

Good one Kabs, my kids change their minds about that quote when i play Coal Chamber reeeel loud.

kae said...

Hi Carpe, Lou and Egg.

I see what you mean, Egg. That explains why I can only hear the doof doof, but it's not too bad, like I said, it's not vibrating my innards. But it's really annoying.

Lou, no, most of the "music" which goes with the doof doof isn't really musical, just sounds like, er, spinning music? Is that a description?

If I knew where they were...

kae said...

Oh, and I've just woken up. Throat's sore, head's aching, I doubt I'll be vertical for long.

Egg said...

Unfortunately, the 'doof-doof' factor is further enhanced by:
- a car's cabin has similar resonance to that of a room, i.e. @50Hz, hence the term as one goes by;
- most home audio subwoofers' internal amplifiers are set to 'cinema mode' by default, with e.g. +3dB boost @45Hz (as most cinema low frequency effects energy resides @50Hz) as opposed to music mode (flat response) and many may have a natural peak (boost) in their cabinet's response @50Hz for 'showroom appeal' to make a sale, further compounding the problem.

(audibly coupled) = acoustically coupled /PIMF

kae said...

I fear Kaboom is correct.

I've just watched the last 5-10 minutes of the Queensland Open Lawn Bowls.

It was exciting.


Kaboom said...

Hey - was I just called an "ignorant twerp"?

I'll have you know that my preferred caustic nomenclature is "itinerant twat".

Thanking you in anticipation.

kae said...

Speaking of ignorant twerps/itinerant twats, I had a visit from Mr Le Tan on an old thread. The Child Abuse thread.
I linked to it on Tim Blair's Memri TV expose of child abuse cartoon characters thread.