Thursday, October 1, 2009

Q&A Next week

Germs Greer
Todd Samson
Belinda Neal
Corey Bernardi

I did blog on tonight's show but I disappeared it. Dunno how.

Update: Transcript of Thursday 1/10/09 program here after 2pm Friday.


Egg said...

Germs Greer & Belinda Neal?
Battle of the battle axes?

Carpe Jugulum said...

Bugger...Egg beat me too it (no it is not meant to be a pun)

kae said...

Yeah, sometimes I wonder about our Eggbeater...

tee hee.

Skeeter said...

Thanks for the warning, Kae.
Sadly, your post has etched a nasty mental image of those two charmers on my brain.
I'm trying to find the erase button.
To help with this, I'll be looking for a channel that is showing beautiful people.

kae said...

Germs must have a new book coming out or something.

Questions might be interesting.

The program last night was good, if only for the barbs shot from Hitchins.

I wish I hadn't lost the live blog. It didn't save for some reason, and I didn't realise it wasn't there at all until I accidentally shut the screen down. It didn't even ask me, like it always does, whether I'm sure I want to close all the tabs.... ARRGH!

Transcript should be there after 2pm (link in update).

Egg said...

'sometimes I wonder about our Eggbeater'

If one gets ahead of oneself is one beating oneself?

kae said...

Oh no! A brainteaser on a Friday... that's cruel!

Egg said...

& laced with the usual double entendre ... ;0'

Carpe Jugulum said...

But if you beat an egg in the froest...and no one hears....has the egg been beaten......or will the omlette turn out??