Friday, October 2, 2009

iSnack 2.0 dead as a mullet, brand names?

The new invention, Vegemite and cream cheese spread (yuck), named iSnack 2.0 is to be renamed.

Check this out....

I never liked the taste of Vegemite and kraft cheese anyway, and I'm sure those who did like it preferred the flavours to mix in the mouth....

iSnack 2.0 might be clever, but it's an old concept.

Here you go, visit Names that are better than iSnack 2.0


Skeeter said...

The Y-genners need to be a bit more cautious in their plans to take over the world.
Some of us W-genners and Boomers are still spending what's left of our money.

Egg said...

@rsecrack v2.0?

Boy on a bike said...

I lived on cheese and vegemite sandwiches for my first 3 years of school. Haven't been able to touch one since.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

splice said...

I’ve gotta start with a qualifier here; I’m a tragic Seppophile. I reckon the world’s second greatest nation (after Australia) gets it a whole lota right a whole lotta the time. America rocks!

But can they cook?

No kidding, that’s a genuine question! I haven’t been to the US, which means I haven’t tasted Thanksgiving turkey, mom’s apple pie… nutthin’. What I do know is that they put pickle and mustard on a hamburger.

Good God.

These are the same guys who own Kraft?

Worse, some fool, quite probably cornered but too proud to be humbled and desperate to do anything to regain the initiative – someone like Malcolm Turnbull, perhaps - sold the secret formula of Vegemite!

And with it, our nation’s soul.

Perhaps not all is lost. I say we pick up the pieces and stick up for ourselves! Let’s invade America with our most powerful cultural weapon ever… the hamburger with the lot!

Skeeter said...

Except for the bit along the San Andreas Fault, the US is a great country, mostly populated by great people.
During my 20 years of spreading CO2 on a global scale, it was my favourite destination by far. The main reason for that was you could always find something good to eat.
Finding a good beer was sometimes a struggle, but at least it was served cold.
I reckon the Seppos would really enjoy the hamburger-with-the-lot (including beetroot, of course).
One problem will be finding rolls made from proper bread.

Minicapt said...

Pickles and ketchup; mustard is for hot dogs.


kae said...

Mini, over here Macca's puts mustard on their big macs.


Pickles - yeecch too.