Friday, October 2, 2009

Watching Eight Below now

You know, the dogs just pulled the bloke out of the ice-covered water.... took some effort.

My Floyd coulda done that. He's amazingly strong! He's pulled me over a coupla times.

Devil dog.


Okay. WTF is that thing living inside the orca carcase?

Loch Ness monster? Nah.

Dinosaur? Nah.

Seal/Sealion? Oh please! Bad, bad computer graphics. Really bad.

The dogs are gorgeous. The year before I got Meggie (Porker), I was in Sydney and saw a gorgeous, gorgeous female Malamute. She was beautiful. In the petshop in Bankstown Square. She was getting a bit long in the tooth, too. They wanted something like $600 for her, and I had, oh, about $600 spending money... and getting home money, but I didn't get her. Economically unviable, and I already had Bundy and his sister Katie. Less than a year later Katie had lymphoma and had to be euthenased.

I got a great deal with Floyd. $50. Vaccinated.


Carpe Jugulum said...

It's ok the're chewing on the whale meat now....mmmmmmm....yum

Carpe Jugulum said...

A friend of mine gotn a malamute, $75 (desexed at Peninsula Animal Aid), the dog was as mad as a rat, fantastic around people, but left alone.... not good

LouMac said...

shed any tears Kae?


kae said...


splice said...

Wait a minute, the one in the middle looks exactly like Todd Palin's dog.

Look closely, the shadows are wrong and the snow has been digitally altered. VRWC for sure...

Sarah took that photo!