Thursday, October 29, 2009


Tonight's panellists
Bill Shorten - Labor's Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Childrens' Services
Tony Abbott - Shadow Minister for Families and Community Services
Jonathan Biggins - Satirist
Catherine Deveny - comedian and columnist, The Age
Bettina Arndt - commentator and author, The Sex Diaries

Oh please.
Bill Shorten said that it would be interesting in these circumstances (the boat load of Tamils), to see what the Libs would have done had they been in government. He spoke of dog whistling... etc.

Mr Shorten, had the Libs been in government the Tamils wouldn't have come or, if they had decided to come, they would have been on Nauru or Christmas Island. There wouldn't be a problem.

Don't these lefty nitwits understand that people waiting to be found to be true refugees are doing so in detention centres after destroying their paperwork... and then if they are found to be refugees they have to wait to be found a place in a country which will take them.

Deveney is a nong. But we knew that.

It's all about the policy of the Libs... ask Bill Shorten.

Climate change, climate change, climate change. Arrgh!

Deveny is a dickhead. "Get your rosaries..."

Should Tony A push Deveney down the stairs I wouldn't convict him.

The ALP is in government in every state except WA. Surely, if you want abortion to be de-criminalised in your state you should be approaching your state government, not the opposition!

Jonathan Biggins - about Henson and the art, he was making sense until he said, paraphrased, if you find a problem with Henson's art it's your problem.

Could I ask what the laughter in the background was from when the deaf and blind person was signing her question?

Tone suggests that Bill approaches Therese Rein and has a word in her shell pink about the people's problems where disability is involved.

Climate Change, water restrictions in Sydney, blah, blah, blah.

Next week:
Bugger me, they've found Maxine McWho? Joe Hockey should be good. And Kerry Chikarovski - hey! That's TWO conservatives... what's going on!

Graham Richardson - legendary Labor identity
Joe Hockey - Shadow Treasurer
Maxine McKew - Member for Bennelong
David Marr - journalist and commentator
Kerry Chikarovski - former State Liberal leader


Carpe Jugulum said...

Thanks for the precis Kae, (been crook, couldn't stay awake to blog)

I see that Richardson & Marr are on next week, that should be interesting a crook and a prissy petulant pratt.

kae said...

Well, I hope you're feeling better today!

I missed our weekly conversation on the program.

(looks around the post, first left and then right...) Nobody much around last night.

Next week should be interesting, however they'd have to have the big guns of Hockey and Kerry to counterbalance Graham "Whatever It Takes" Richardson, Maxine McClue (who exhibits similar behaviour to Deveney, without the in-your-face arm waving), and David "not listening, not watching, la, la, la..) Marr.

kae said...

Not much of a precis, it was mostly predictable...
Illegal immigrants - what would the Libs do? Which took up the first half hour of the program.

Abortion (Are we sure that Deveney came out of the anaesthetic without ill effect?)

Lack of facilities/assistance for people with disabilities.

If there was anything else I missed it... sorry!

Carpe Jugulum said...

"Nobody much around last night."

Disappointing, i was looking forward to the ususal acerbic comments, but, oh well.

I'll take a punt on next week and speculate;

Richardson - blustering fool, will blame JWH for everything.

Hockey - Jovial, will take the p1ss out of McWho.

McWho - Glib smartarse who will blame JWH for everything.

Marr - I'ts the fault of the conservatives and the joooos.

Chikarovski - Hoping she'll tear McWho & Marr a new one each.

That my prediction, i'll see how i go.

kae said...

If they can ever get off the illegal boat people it might be an interesting show next week!
I look forward to your insights!

WV: lurea
what they spread around to encourage watching Q&A...

1735099 said...

The only issue discussed on the programme that was worth the bother was disabilities. The rest was political hyperbole.

Egg said...

Tks for the commentary on behalf of those of us who don't have the stomach for the show.

Max McUseless? Be haranguing on ever word uttered, what?

Carpe Jugulum said...

AAhh, numbers & Egg, feeling better & would value your opinions on next weeks show, don't be shy.....ok