Sunday, November 29, 2009

BoltA on Insiders today

This might be interesting... or a fizzer.

I've received an email from a Sydney friend telling me that

Bolt is on Insiders
Sparks flying...

I'm watching the end of Meet the Press, Christine Milne is dribbling about being the first to adopt and ETS, save money, be in at the start on the jobs created and the excitement... she's and idiot. (Transcripts of previous shows here... and the video should be available here soon.

I have noticed that some pollies pushing the AGW/ETS barrow have now begun to call the jobs in climate change industries etc preserved jobs, not created jobs.

Here it goes.... starting off with ETS and the Liberal Party...

Fielding can't spell, but Turnbull can't count... Good one, Sen Fielding!

Lenore Taylor - Joe Hockey in the Sunday papers competing with the Tiger Woods scandal for the front page.

Phil Coorey - Same, Joe Hockey v Turnbull

Andrew Bolt - Attacks Turnbull because of Turnbull's attack on Hockey over Hockey's support of the ETS.

I think Turnbull is looking out for Turnbull and hang the party... But we knew that.

Shut. Up. Lenore. Coorey is correct, Turnbull is going to burn the show down on his way out.

Weighted and projected the opinions of the electorate - just like the science behind AGW... good one, Andrew Bolt.

Lenore doen't know where the compensation to families will come from, she thinks that the compensation from the government will ensure that families will be no better off. Where, exactly, does she think that the money for the compensation will come from? Hullo Lenore? It will come from Taxpayers...

Julia Gillard, Acting PM is in the studio. Turnbull and the Libs must pass the CPRS because they agreed to do it. We had a deal. We had a deal.

Gillard's talking about managing climate change. Oh please. Too many motherhood statements... where's my bucket, I need to vomit.

Gillard et al seem not to be aware of the revelations of the Climategate scandal. They're going to act on "today's know when facts", which is what Julia and the government are "gunna" do.

Gillard is doing a good job of undermining Joe Hockey so that if he changes his mind on the done deal to go with the ALP on the ETS he's irrational etc.

(Crikey, it's hot here. Only 9:30 -though really 10:30 - and already it's 32 degrees.)

Gillard: delay is denial. I think that's a good thing!
Responsible action on Climate Change - WTF is that? It's certainly not the ETS.

Your Shout from Old Parliament House in Canberra.
ETS and Malcolm Turnbull has staked his leadership on the ETS - 1 for Mal, 1 against. 1 undecided, he's brave... "undignified rabble in the Libs"... scratch that against Mal, she's a Warmenist. "There's proof," she said. "You can see it happening around the world." These people have been brainwashed. Thanks MSM! Bastards.

Paul Kelly has Turnbull and the Libs sussed. Turnbull is crash or crash thru. Hockey will not challenge Turnbull, Turnbull must step back, and Hockey will not be the one to make the decision on the ETS, if he wins leadership it must be with the ETS decision made. A very interesting assessment of the Libs and the leadership brouhaha and the ETS by Paul Kelly, I'll post the link to the transcript when the show finishes, then you must look it up. I wonder if Joe Hockey has looked at all his anti ETS tweets and emails? I wonder if that has swayed him. Oh dear, Bolt's not been able to make Joe aware of the science etc behind AGW. He said Joe's not interested. Scratch that sentence beginning "I wonder...".

If you don't understand the ETS don't support it, if you do understand it you wouldn't support it! (No apology to Paul Keating.)

Well said about the Emperor and the three AGW authorities which Turnbull's quoted... Howard, Thatcher & Murdoch.

Talking Pictures
Special Liberal "Fight Club" edition...
Zanetti cartoon with knives.
Nicholson, black knight...
David Roth? For whom the bell tolls...

(It's now 9:53 and it's 34 degrees, and it's humid. 56 percent. I have no aircon. I'm going to die.)

Okay, it's over. Back to the job application... arrgh!


Egg said...

The scariest thing would be if Milne actually believes what she is saying - hopefully, not!

kae said...

Green Party member = batshitcrazy as far as I've been able to deduce.

Myopic, too.

SezaGeoff said...

"you can see it happening" - that is why places like the ABC are always saying that the weather has set a new record - but failing to mention that it is since 1887 or 1902 or something. And I bet that in 1902, people sat in their highrise flats with the air-con on full blast or drove around in the SUV to keep cool! It is cycles, and Tim B has a good post on Actic Ice today!
At least Bolta got the last word in.
WV - remph: rear echelon what?

kae said...


I get annoyed with the Warmist defenders when you point out that it's all happened before they tell you "What's that got to do with the climate now?"

They're just plain stupid. Honestly.

Do they have any idea how far back in time the actual taking of accurate real-time temperatures, it's not far. We rely on the geological record and other information to inform us.

It has all happened before and it is cyclical. Anyone older than 40 should know that.

JennyinOz said...

Thanks for the commentary. When Julia came on I left the room to make T. I can't listen to her crap any more so your run down was a good way to keep up without suffering through. Thanks for taking one for the team!
I have AC so the heat in Brizzy has not been a problem for me today!! You have my sympathies as I remember an AC less life and it was not fun.

kae said...

Hi Jenny
It's still 35.9 here. Whew.
I'll have to stay back at work tomorrow and do the job applications.

Mine Host said...

Christine Milne has always been on (gushing like my old aunty) about how this ETS/CPRS can't be missed, coz of all the jobs it will create.

She should be in a lock-up ward.

That Lenore Taylor, gotta agree Kae, she seemed to think that if "families are compensated" (from WHERE?) then there all is ok with just about ANY scheme the govt cares to cook up.

Julie Gillard kept her cool very well, boiling underneath about how the Liberal Party has "made a deal" & should not renege on it.

So actual, you know, VOTES in Parliament are not as important in her mind as closed door meetings betwixt Penny Wong & Ian MacFarlane.

Julia spent most of the interview instructing Joe Hockey that he was "locked in" to ensuring Liberal Party support for the "Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme" (She sounded that full phrase out slowly about Twenty Times)


Have you rubes got that?

kae said...

Hi Mine Host
Yeah, but Julia didn't SAY anything, she just kept batting away at the motherhood statements and so on, and the "delay is denial" crap.
And having that go at Joe. Is she his boss, too?

Egg said...

'And having that go at Joe. Is she his boss, too?'

WTF - is Hockey Jules' b*tch or summut?
Libs leadership material? Pfft!!!

Carpe Jugulum said...

I switched off when gilard came on, she has a voice that could cut through rusty tin.