Sunday, November 1, 2009

Help! Fuel mix mix-up!

Someone helping has mixed some 2 stroke fuel in my petrol container. Only 2L of unleaded in the container (a 10L container) (and I did provide the 2 stroke container... arrgh). What should I do? Do I need to rinse out the container with petrol, or will it be OK to empty the mix into the proper container and just fill the petrol one up with petrol again? It's for the mower, ride on mower and the car.



Wand said...

Kae, Just put the 2 stroke fuel in the can you normally use. The can can then be used for ordinary petrol as it is. 2 stroke petrol is just unleaded petrol mixed with a little engine oil in a ratio of about 1:16, 1:25 or 1:50 depending on the engine. The small residual amount of oil left in the empty can will have no effect on the ordinary petrol that you then put in the can.

Minicapt said...

On the other hand, panic combined with screaming and shouting can be cathartic. Much like castor oil for a Sopwith Camel.


kae said...

Hi Wand
Yeah, it's 1:25. I just wanted to make sure it was OK. The plastic fuel containers are way dear now, it's a good one, too. With the rigid pouring thingy, rather than the stupid bendy one that's really hard to seal. I shoulda written on the container that it's UNLEADED.

Hi Mini
Panic, screaming, shouting, running around in circles waving arms in air (RAICWAIA), probably wouldn't do much, but he was doing a favour - his car is off the road so I slipped him a bit of moolah to help, he starts a new job tomorrow up the valley, and he needs to get some money together to go almost to the Gold Coast to pick up a manual gear box.

He's a bit of a rev head! (But he's only 22, so I guess it's understandable.)

Carpe Jugulum said...

Minicapt - AAAAAAaaaaaahahahahahaha

Now THAT is comedy.

Oh yeah, what wand said works.

Anonymous said...

Uhh..errr, Would purchasing a brand new and separate "container" help?


Good God, why not just have them spitout... Antidisestablishmentarianism


splice said...

God bless you, Wand, the only one with a sensible answer!

But, um, buddy… do you think for one minute that this good ol’ bloodnut just suddenly grew blonde roots?

She'll eat us all, baked in a pie.

kae said...

El C (JP)
I have the separate continer already!

You're toast.