Sunday, November 1, 2009


Video montage of PM not coping with pressure from Oceanic Viking problem.

And Rudd dragging up the actions of the past government (children overboard, women and children behind razor wire), sheesh, what's his solution? Does he have one (different to that of the Liberal party)?

Sarah Hanson-Young (Greens Senator) is the talking head today.

Anabel Crabb

Andrew Bolt

Dennis Atkins

Hanson-Young speaks of the hysteria on the front page of the newspapers - but she's the one stirring up the hysteria! No acknowledgement by her of the latest note from the boat people stating that they've already been accepted as refugees and that they'd been living in Indonesia for up to five years!
Yay! Barry brought it up.

Funny how these boat people get more attention from these bleeding hearts than those who have already been proven, with their paperwork in order, to be genuine refugees and are languishing in refugee camps, often in much worse conditions than those prospective refugees being held in Australian detention centres.

Now she's talking about people entering Australia and claiming assylum at the airport, this is more common than those coming by boat, and a lot less dangerous. Yeah. Sure, luv. And if they are undesirables they won't get a visa to come to Australia in the first place, the airlines won't fly them here, and that's how the system works protecting our borders at the Airports.

Your Shout
Spring Racing Carnival... he's at the milliners. Why are they not called "mad hatters" any more? If the hat fits....

AGW - Bolt trying to make a point and Annabel interrupted and wouldn't let him finish, then Barrie touched her hand, just off on the very edge of view, as he told Bolt to finish his point. I thought that was nice! Is Annabel a closet sceptic?

Maybe Barrie should host Q&A?

Talking pictures...

With Zanetti.

Sean Leahy, while you're there have a sticky at some of the cartoons there, they are very amusing!

And suddenly, after interminable repeats of the refugee crisis problem, the show was over.

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Poor old Bolt, the other week on insiders the other commentators came close to putting their hands over their ears and saying "La la la la la" everytime he said something.