Friday, November 6, 2009

Huge storm last night - transmissions interrupted until 10pm, no net connectivity


Huge storm last night, like when I first moved here. It was 38 degrees on Wednesday, and yesterday it was about 35 or 36 degrees, then some slow moving storms headed our way...

At about 6pm-ish the storm started and, after several brown outs during the storm which gave us large-marble to pea sized hail all through it (noisy as on a tin roof), the power went off at the end of the storm, about 7:10pm.

The water, again, came up under the carport so I thought it would be quite a fall, an inch or more. After the power had gone off I checked the rain gauge.... 104mm, 4 inches! No wonder the water rose so high under the carport (it's just not able to get away fast enough from the front of the house - and I'd looked at the stainless steel spades at Aldi that very afternoon!

I do have pix of the storm coming and a vid of the storm on its way - green and all, but I've left the cable at home.

Oh, I have no net connection at home, it might just be my ISP, which can go off after storms. Or it's the modem... I think the modem might be busted - brown outs do that... I'll have to have it checked when I get home.

More when I'm connected.

You can comment if you like, I can still see them as they come in my email. Or you can email.

I have some video, but it's not uploading fast enough...

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Skeeter said...

In our first summer here 23 years ago, we were most impressed with the frequent and spectacular storms. We spent many evenings on the back veranda, enjoying the son et lumiere shows.
Our river broke its banks 4 times during our first April on the farm.
But then the dreaded global worming arrived, the rains stopped and the river dried up.
It's good to see everything is back to normal and our thanks go out to all of you who have achieved this by reducing your electricity consumption.

WV: darkscus. Seen all around the hills last night.