Sunday, November 8, 2009

Janet Albrechtsen - Seeing through hoax of the century

This is worth a look, particularly to see that many of the first comments are from people agreeing with Janet - I haven't read them all, give me time!

Janet Albrechtsen Blog November 04, 2009 288 Comments
INCREASINGLY, the road to Copenhagen resembles a suburban street on Halloween with the number of climate change freak shows and stunts reaching a nadir in recent weeks. Nicholas Stern says we should turn vegetarian in order to combat climate change. If you must eat meat, eat kangaroos, says Ross Garnaut, because marsupials emit negligible amounts of methane. And that champagne you drank on Melbourne Cup day? Scientists scolded us with a report that a 750ml bottle of bubbly could produce 100 million bubbles, releasing five litres of carbon dioxide.

Yet far from rallying people to the cause of immediate action on climate change, every new cri de coeur may be turning people away. Could it be that those derided as the great unwashed are beginning to ask more questions than their smart political leaders or the bastions of intellectual curiosity in the media?


Wand said...

O/T - over (down here)

Holy Shit - David Marr said something that I could agree with! He wondered why Peter Costello accepted the appointment to the Future Fund. He said, "Why would you do it?"

But everything else that Marr said was the same old crap.

kae said...

Hi Wand
Was on the phone.

Why did they offer him the appointment to the future fund? Is it because after bagging the Howard government and its fiscal policy which left them sitting pretty for the GFC, and treasurer Costello, they decided that perhaps Costello knew what he was doing?

I've started a thread for Insiders.

What is it with the ALP people and crappy tombstone teeth? Look at Woin. Look at Ms Hogg. Yuck. It's hard to concentrate on what Woin's saying when he sounds so adenoidal, and bounces... and then Ms Hogg, I was trying to figure out what it was that annoyed me so much about the way she speaks. It's that she speaks down to everyone, she's dismissive of anyone who disagrees with her, she tries to sound plummy when opening her mouth wide to speak well, and all you see in that gaping maw is the tombstones on the bottom storey. What does she say? Who knows.

Wand said...

Woin was his usual dreadful self and his body language shouts loudly that he just has not got a clue.

But that's Woin for ya!

kae said...

Hi Wand
I started a new Insiders thread.
I told you about it, but on the wrong comments section.