Thursday, November 19, 2009

Qld government's latest water strategy

We won't need to commence construction of the desal plants if water consumption remains at or lower then 200L/day per person...

Desal plants. Please. Don't do it. Build dams instead, less maintenance, less cost to run.

Hansard... WTF is going on with Queensland Hansard? Has anyone looked at it lately? The Federal and State Hansard is searchable and you can also see it by date...

The talk on the radio thisafternoon is that the Grande Plan is to keep the water restrictions to 200L per person per day... they were supposed to up it to 230L pp/d.

I call bullshit on the Traveston Dam knockback excuse.

THE Queensland government has had to re-evaluate a relaxing of water restrictions and its long-term water plan because of the Federal Governments's scrapping of the Traveston Crossing Dam, Natural Resources Minister Stephen Robertson says.

The government will on Friday unveil a 50-year strategy to shore up the water supply for the state's fast-growing southeast corner.

An announcement is also expected that the easing of the daily water use target of 200 litres per person to 230 litres will no longer go ahead on December 1.

More here, with photo*.

Perhaps they should be looking at BUILDING MORE DAMS!

*To the people in the photo, frollicking in the water... get out of the frikking water, you'll upset the bloody lungfish and turtles!

The plan has been announced, well, part of it.

South-east Queensland's water restrictions are set to change from next month, but the overall target for daily use will stay the same.

The level was due to rise from 200 to 230 litres per person per day, as of December.

Instead, the current 200 litre target will stay in place for another four months.

Minister for Natural Resources Stephen Robertson says rules for watering plants will be relaxed from December 1.

"Watering between 10 am and 4 pm won't be allowed but outside of that.

"Provided you maintain your commitment to the target then you should be able to water your plants or using water efficient irrigation systems water your lawn etc in times that suit you," he said.
More on that here.

It's such a lot of hoo-haa. They really need to make some hard decisions, and not the hard decisions which will keep their arses out of a sling...


Egg said...

'The great unwashed' shall remain more so?

Carpe Jugulum said...

Definately don't build a desal plant. The one in vic is being built on a flood plain. I've seen some dumbass construction in my time but this one is a freakin joke.

(disclaimer - Yes i have a holiday house near where it's being built.)

Carpe Jugulum said...

Hard Decisions?????.... you must be kidding...Qld is the same as NSW is the same as Victoria, an impotent ALP Government looking for an easy out that requires no form of hard decision making (or decision making of any sort) that addresses the problem and gives a huge butt kiss to the greens.

You guys in the North are in the same boat as us in Vic; a ship of fools being navigated by the village idiot with blind Murphy at the helm.....

kae said...

Gee, thanks Carpe, I really needed you to point that out to me.

How freaking stupid are these people who "voted against" Howard... the ones who fell for a society not an economy? Are they happy now that they're in debt up to the eyeballs? The boom for Aus will not go on for ever.