Thursday, November 19, 2009

Peter Cundall arrested over pulp mill protest

He should stay in the garden.

GARDENING guru Peter Cundall had made it to 83 years without being arrested. This afternoon it happened in grand fashion.

Cameras blazing, reporters hanging off his every word and wife Tina by his side, Cundall and 57 other opponents of the Tasmanian mill pulp were arrested after refusing police directives to move away from Hobart's Parliament House.

“I've never been arrested before, I've never done anything wrong and I have enormous respect for the rule of law,” the octogenarian celebrity said as he was being arrested.

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Egg said...

Ol' 'compost' Pete's literally in the poo this time?

Carpe Jugulum said...

He's fibbing he has been arrested before, anyhow you'd think the guy would be old enough to know better.